Timber Frames

Custom Homes and Barns

Interested in timber-frame construction for your home or barn? We've partnered with Connolly & Co. Timber Frame Homes & Barns, renowned for quality joinery and fine craftsmanship for more than 25 years, to bring you the best in custom timber-frame building.

Connolly & Co. can work with your architect, or provide design services for you. Then, together we'll take your project through the building phase, with Details, Inc. serving as your general contractor, providing all site preparation work and completing your home - inside and out - once the timber frame is erected.

Timber Frame Structures

Get timber frame construction without the added cost of custom design! Connolly & Co.'s sister company, Maine Barn Company, offers seven standard frame designs for use as barns, garages, boathouses, stables, and storage sheds. Contact us to find out how these structures can be modified for use as homes.